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Last weekend I had the joys of meeting some new volunteers who are joining Umbrella and I wanted to share how I felt…..

Arriving at 7.30 in the morning to a dark cold room, flicking the heating on and setting up the chairs, I get that excited feeling inside as I prepare to meet everyone.

At 9am everyone is there and ready to start. My stomach settles and I get into the run of delivering the training.

Before you know it, it is break time and the winners of bingo open the chocolate mini eggs! Then lunch time arrives and I run upstairs to start the process of DBS checks, busy working in one hand and eating with the other!

The afternoon session see’s our Autism workshop moving us all into a cooler room (honestly the sun was out all day, and it was only February!) The day soon comes to a close and as I say bye to everyone, I am back to excited!

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