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Umbrella are undertaking a review of our Young Adult Services and asking what people would like from Umbrella’s services in the future. This is a wonderful opportunity to look at what is working well, where we need to improve and what needs to be in place in the future to give the young adults all the support they need and the opportunities we all want for them.

Thanks to all of you who have already taken part in the consultation groups at Umbrella so far. We look forward to learning more from your feedback and ideas via the online survey link above.

By taking ten minutes to complete this survey you will –
* help us to improve services for young adults
* inform us of gaps in local services that we can speak up about for you
* shape our future services to enhance the lives of young adults
* give us vital evidence for future grant funding applications to make your ideas possible

This survey is relevant to parents and carers – current, past and future potential users of Umbrella adult services – so please feel free to share it with others.

We would like to assure you that the survey is anonymous, there will be no sharing of individual responses and information will only be included as ‘overall trends’ in the final report. The information will go directly to the external independent consultant and Umbrella will not receive any completed questionnaires, only an analysis of combined results and examples of comments and suggestions made.

The feedback from the surveys will be presented in the final report due in September 2018 and we will update you on how we will act upon your feedback. Umbrella hopes that – with your help – we can identify good practice and create an exciting action plan for our future.

If you would like to take part in this exciting piece of work please complete your survey by Wednesday the 16th May 2018. If you require the survey in any other format please contact Rhian Barlow at and we can provide you with a PDF or paper version.

If you have any questions please do get in touch and thank you in advance for your time.