COVID 19 UPDATE – October 2020

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Our last update came at a time when we were preparing to resume services and these have steadily grown over the last 8 weeks. Although we are not back to the same level as we were pre lockdown, we are providing some level of support to all those who want, it as well as continuing with zoom supports and facebook chat sessions for families.  Have you seen the latest Umbrella Raindrops Choir Video? If not, you can watch it here: They have done a brilliant job at performing remotely!

We are grateful to all families accessing Umbrella who have been understanding of the need for our staff to wear PPE and for adhering to social distancing guidelines and keeping us informed along the way. The children and young people have responded excellently, adapting beautifully within their own sessions.

We had hoped to gain a presence at the Ronnie MacKeith Centre again in September but following on from the recent government guidance, with the R number on the rise and some measures re-implemented, we are continuing with remote working for many staff on a full or part time basis. Some staff are sharing time between the office and home to help us limit contact with one another. Since the announcement, we have also taken the decision to continue with small groups for the time being as we feel this is safest for everyone. Our cleaning regimes remain stringent as well as staff hygiene, PPE and training to help us all stay well during the pandemic.

Most of our staff are now out of furlough with only a few remaining on part time leave but by the end of the month, we will be back up to a full team. We also hope to be in our wonderful new Centre during November which means our groups can be indoors and able to socially distance rather than be out in the community so much as the weather is starting to draw colder. We hope this will also afford the opportunity to host more sessions and start building supports up again, albeit, very safely and at a gradual pace.

It has been wonderful to see the young people coming back to Umbrella, greeting the staff and seeing their friends again and we are so privileged to be able to support your children and young adults. We hope that you continue to keep well during these ongoing difficult times.

From all at Umbrella x