World Mental Health Day October 2021

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October 10th marks Mental Health Day around the world and is a good prompt for us to take some time out to look after our mental health, or that of others.

Mental health issues come in many forms and aren’t always easy to recognise. More and more children and young people struggle with mental health so arming parents, carers and teachers with information and helping to raise awareness can go a long way in supporting them.

Mind has a dedicated a campaign to the support for children and young people. Here you will find information on how they can access support, how you can recognise the need for support and how to deliver support. 

The BBC has excellent resources with a mental health tool kit containing a plethora of information from pod casts and classes to tips and tools to help you relax and reset – they even have calming rainforests sounds to meditate to.

You may not feel you need to make use of the tools but taking some time out to read some of the information may help you recognise when someone you are close to, or even yourself, needs a little support. Let’s recognise Mental Health Day and talk to one another about it.

Mental Health Day 2021