Umbrella’s services for adults

Umbrella Adults’ Services is a unique personalised service facilitated by trained, experienced and committed staff team.

All services:

  • Are delivered on the basis of an individual care plan, agreed with the young adult and their family, based on the needs of the young adult.
  • Aim to achieve identified goals in such areas as making choices, gaining independence and developing life skills, including meal planning and preparation, shopping, managing money, keeping healthy, using public transport, personal safety and building relationships.
  • Are co-ordinated with other support services by working with young adults and their families, as well as professionals in education, health and social care, to ensure support can be achieved safely and to meet care and development needs.
  • Are planned with the active participation of the young adults.
  • Offer opportunities to meet and socialise with peers of a similar age, encouraging friendships to develop within and outside Umbrella.
  • Provide exciting and challenging opportunities to develop new skills and interests. We work closely with a wide range of providers to deliver dedicated activities including pet therapy, music sessions, yoga, specialist dance classes and adaptive cycling to name a few.
  • Give young adults opportunities to be part of the wider community including educational or learning activities, social events, fitness and leisure activities.

As a result, Young Adults achieve their personal goals. These achievements are celebrated through our annual Dan Richardson Award.

Our services

Umbrella provides two broad levels of service:

  • The TEAM project provides one-to-one support to young adults with high level needs, in the home, in a group setting or on an individual basis.
  • The INDE project supports young adults with moderate needs within a group setting only.

The Adults Service can be accessed through direct payments, personal budgets, Adult Services Framework (County), or self-funded. All services are agreed on the basis of individual need and are personalised to the individual young person. They must be booked in advance. However, currently:

  • The TEAM project groups run:
    • Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm
    • Sunday 10am – 3pm once a fortnightly
    • Mondays evening 4pm-8pm
  • TEAM and INDE services are agreed on the basis of need, funding available, staffing availability and the current make up of individual group.
  • One to one TEAM services in the community or in the home can run at any reasonable time, subject to staffing availability.
  • INDE groups run:
      • Wednesday 6pm-9pm
      • Saturday 10am-4pm
  • Charges will be made for non-attendance if insufficient notice is given, as set out in the terms and conditions in our contract of agreement.
  • Umbrella is currently unable to provide transport in normal circumstances.

Any exceptional circumstances are assessed on an individual basis.

For more information or to discuss a service request please contact our single point of access on 01332 785658.

What our families say…

Don’t know what I would do without you all. You all do amazing job thank you.

What our families say…

The staff are fantastic and my son always enjoys the trips