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Empowering Disabled Children, Young Adults And Their Families

Empowering Disabled Children, Young Adults And Their Families

Our Steps To Supporting You

Our team of staff and volunteers run a wide variety of activities for children and young people, and their families, up to the age of 30 years old.

We welcome contact from anyone connected with a disabled child or adult – including (but not limited to) parents, carers, grandparents, social workers, teachers and youth workers.

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Umbrella’s Steps to Support

Let us help identify the ways we may be able to offer support.

An essential part of our work is keeping in regular contact with parents/carers, letting them know we care and helping to identify ways in which we may be able to offer support.

Our First Steps to Support for families offers advice, support and signposting to other agencies and services, including services run by Umbrella.

Our Next Steps to Support is to help promote specialist activities for children and young people with disabilities who have already accessed our First Steps Support.

Are you in receipt of funding from Short Breaks, or have a Personal Budget? If so, there are various Umbrella activities you can access.

A unique and personalised service for 18-30-year-olds. It provides a range of exciting and challenging opportunities.

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Contact our Single Point of Access Team to receive friendly support for you and your family.

Helpful information

We’ve compiled a list of other activity and support services you may find useful.

Need more information or advice?

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